Everybody is doing it. Email marketing drives sales. Period!

Create, Send and Track Professional Email Campaigns in Minutes. Automate Email Marketing.

Our enterprise class intelligent email delivery engine gives you better email delivery. Our business continuance plan ensures to provide reliable bulk emailing service and thus have helped us become the leader in bulk email service provider in India. India's top brands and companies prefer us for bulk mailing.

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Our Bulk Email Service Includes:

  • Mass E-Mail is Very easy to send e-mail to lots of recipients at a time.
  • Powerful direct send Mass E-Mail ability. Bypass your ISP's mail server, using build-in smtp server, automatically lookup receipt e-mail's mail exchange server, then send email directly to recipients.
  • Support multi-attachments.
  • Both text and html format mail Support to attachments.
  • Fast sending e-mail application by using multi-threaded delivery. Appropriate to send email to single or a large number of recipients.
  • Each e-mail is sent to each email individually, In other words, each recipient can only see himself.
  • Avoid receiving too many Undelivered E-mail Returned.
  • Automatically remove duplicate Attachments.
  • Fast and easy to direct send e-mail effectively and without any delay
  • E-mail id's can get from SQL database or Excel File.
  • Accepts a list of recipients from Excel file generated by User.
  • Easy and convenient to compare and combine two mailing lists to a new mailing list according to your specified need. Such as remove all the e-mails yesterday had sent.
  • Easy to remove all the e-mail address that don't want to receive again.